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Raw Food Testimonials
Tips for Using Blenders
New item: Computer Version of Victoria’s DVD
Encyclopedia of Raw Food
Rhio&rsquot;s Excellent New Video

Raw Food Testimonials – A Free Video by Valya Boutenko

Raw Food Testimonials

Valya continues to gather healing testimonials from people around the world. Her documentary "Reversing the Irreversible" has become so popular that she received invitations from film festivals nationwide. She is now working on the remake of this documentary, using high-definition equipment.

Please enjoy this five minute video of some of the new testimonials she’s collected so far. Feel free to share this inspiration with your loved ones.

Tips for Using Blenders
  • After washing your blender container, always let it sit upside down, to prevent water from getting into the bearings. In my family we simply keep our blender containers upside down at all times. I learned this important tip while visiting the Vita-Mix Corporation. The staff explained that this simple habit could extend the life of the blender at least 50%.

  • Last weekend at a raw food festival, I noticed some chefs struggling with the Vita-Mix lid. Contrary to popular belief, it is really easy to open the rubber Vita-Mix lid. Simply squeeze it above the arrow on the top rim of the pitcher. You may find this arrow on both sides of the container, right above the Vita-Mix logo. It is hard to see but as soon as you find it once, you’ll easily remember where to push.
Blender Tip
  • When emptying your blender container, avoid using metal utensils. Use wood or plastic instead. Every time metal touches the blades, they get duller.

New item: Computer Version of Victoria’s DVD

"Greens Can Save Your Life"

Click here to see a preview of Green for Life

Cost – $5.00

Running time - 3 hours, Set of 2 disks

Software for playing DVD's is required

In this inspirational lecture, Victoria addresses some of the most intriguing questions regarding health. Is anything missing in the raw food diet? How do chimpanzees eat in the wild? What is green smoothie and what are its benefits? Why is it hard to love greens? What is the nutritional value of greens? Fiber - the magic sponge. What is the significance of stomach acid? How can greens make the body more alkaline? Why is healthy soil more valuable than gold?

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Encyclopedia of Raw Food

Live Food Factor

When I first received a manuscript from Susan with a request to write a forward, I was so busy that I was just going to glance through it, because it was over 600 pages. However, I simply could not put it down and read the whole book in two days.

This unique book combines the concepts of raw food eating and Natural Hygiene. What I most like about this book is that the author compiled all current scientific data and different viewpoints into one encyclopedic volume. Susan doesn’t "take sides" on the issues such as vegan/not vegan, 100% raw or not, etc.

The author simply presents different points of view and lets the reader decide what is best for them.

The 2nd edition of The Live Food Factor has even more information and is now available. You may purchase her book here:

Enjoy your reading!

Rhio’s Excellent New Video

Rhio's Kitchen

Rhio, author, gourmet chef and one of the pioneers of the raw food movement, has sent me a copy of her new DVD, which I watched with great pleasure. In her unique playful manner, Rhio demonstrates preparing raw food dishes from her own cuisine. I find her recipes to be quite different from any others I’ve seen, and I have learned a few tips from this video. Being a raw food leader for at least twenty years, Rhio is as youthful and pretty as ever. She sings cute romantic songs throughout the video, making it fun to watch.

For more information, please contact Rhio here.

With Green Love, Victoria

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