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Pilgrimage to Dr. Ann's Birthplace
What Does a Raw Food Chef Eat?

Pilgrimage to Dr. Ann's Birthplace

Dear Friends,
Dr. Ann How would you like to visit Kruopiai, Lithuania, the hometown of Ann Wigmore? Would you be interested in meeting some of her relatives and friends, the very people Dr. Ann grew up with, before she immigrated to the United States?

Having finally found Ann’s birthplace, an international group of friends and followers have been able to accurately reconstruct her history. To honor her worldwide contribution and legacy, they have planned a series of events this September 19 - 23, 2012 in Lithuania. The schedule will include official opening of the memorial sculpture and other Commemoration events, along with health lectures and site seeing, You may view more details at the special website:

Also, if any of you have met Dr. Ann, studied with her and would like to share your valuable memories or unique photos, please feel free to contact Petras Vainius at: He speaks both English and Lithuanian.

I am intrigued by the warm welcome that this event received from the Lithuanian medical community and personally from Dr. Prof. Algimantas Kirkutis, cardiologist and Dean of Klaipeda University Medical School.

There will be hundreds if not thousands of visitors from Europe, Russia, and other parts of the world participating in this event. If there will be enough interested people from USA, the organizers are planning to rent a couple of charter planes just for this trip. I imagine we will be served green smoothies and nori rolls while we fly!

Valya and I visited Lithuania last year and were impressed with the rich culture of this millennium-old country. We are looking forward to visit Lithuania again.
Please keep your eye on this website, there will be more details added as the time of the event approaches:


What Does a Raw Food Chef Eat?

What do Raw Fooders Eat Two days ago, one of my dear friends, Nomi Shannon has celebrated her 69th birthday. To celebrate Nomi’s dedication to natural health, I would like to remind you of her unique and informative E-book  “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

In this book, 48 raw fooders kept meticulous food journals for an entire week. (Raw fooders = mostly or all raw.)

This collection will give you hundreds of brand new ideas to thrill your taste buds and shake up your menu plan. You’ll never again settle for the same boring meals, or wonder what to eat. Nomi offers it to you risk free for 12 months. To learn more details, please click

Raw Family

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