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Green Smoothie iPhone AppOnce upon a time, Sergei was babysitting his niece and nephew. Before leaving to go see a movie, their parents urged Sergei not to leave his iPhone unattended. 

Sergei missed this recommendation and half an hour later found little Nic pushing buttons on Sergei’s communication device in the adjacent room. 

‘What are you looking for, Nicky?’ Sergei asked.
‘Where is Furious Birds on your phone?’ Nic inquired.
‘I don’t have any games in my phone’
‘You don’t?’ Nic looked at Sergei with wide-opened eyes. ‘All my friends are playing this game; it’s a lot of fun.’

When Sergei returned home and shared this episode with us, we decided to look for a nice and positive educational game on the Internet and present it to Nic. So we began searching for such game. We spent several days and asked many friends and could not find a game that would be educational, cute, and fun.
After looking at 150 best-selling games, Sergei resolved to create such a game by himself. The idea of feeding different animals with green smoothie came quickly and in November we created a team, which involved two programmers, an artist, and our family, including a game expert, Nic.

We all worked with enthusiasm and six months later we created a game. We called it the “Green Smoothie Game”. We are confident that it is a completely positive, aesthetically beautiful, and highly educational game.

We are delighted to present it to you today. Here are some screenshots.
Green Smoothie iPhone App
The price is $1.99. The game is available on iPhones and iPads.

You may find more information Here.

In The iPhone App Store

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