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Wild Feast with Sergei
Victoria's New E-book

Wild Feast with Sergei

Sergei came to Ashland for a visit and look what a wild feast he has prepared! First we all went to the lakeshore to collect our food ingredients. Then we enjoyed preparing a delicious salad together.

Sergeis wild field of wild edibles

Our salad included:

Wild sweet peas greens and flowers;
Wild mustard greens and flowers;
Green lettuce;
Lamb’s quarters (weed).

All these weeds are listed in Sergei’s App and shown in Youtube videos:
Wild mustard:
Wild peas:

For dressing we blended:

Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 orange
1 large ripe avocado
1 Tablespoon nutritional Yeast
1 jalapeno pepper

We like to sprinkle our salads with dulse flakes. This salad was incredibly tasty!


Victoria's New E-book

Green Smoothie eBook

Dear Friends,

I decided to write a short book to address some of the most confusing aspects of green smoothie making, such as rotation of greens, food combining, what constitutes as “true greens” and other perplexing questions. For additional clarity, I illustrated this book with many colorful photos.

Content of “Green Smoothies” E-book:

  • Why Greens?
  • What Falls Under the Category of Greens?
  • Confusion in the Field of Greens
  • Why Do We Need to Rotate the Greens in Our Diet?
  • Are Weeds the Most Valuable Plants in Our Gardens?
  • Our Favorite RecipesĀ  (with helpful tips, photos and cost of ingredients)
  • How to Serve a Green Smoothie

28 pages, PDF format, instant download.

$1.99 To order please click Here.

Sincerely, Raw Family
Green Smoothie
Recipes App
Green Smoothie
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Visit the Green Smoothies Blog for the latest information from Victoria about Green Smoothies and their amazing benefits.

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