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Thistle Green Smoothie
Jawcerciser Patented
Dr. Lodi's Cancer Conference

Thistle Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle Can we really eat that thorny looking thing? That's what Valya and I asked Sergei when he began cutting the sow thistle into the bucket during our morning walk.

"You are in for a big surprise," he replied.

That was the best green smoothie I've tasted so far! I went back to the path and took some photos to share with you. If you have them growing in your proximities, you are in for a treat. Invite somebody who owns a good high-speed blender to hike with you, because you will need one for this plant.
You will need gloves, whether rubber, plastic or cloth, and scissors. Cut the sticky plants directly into the bucket, then go straight home and blended it.

Five minutes after picking the greens with Sergei, Valya and I were sipping this scrumptious smoothie. It doesn't get fresher than that!
Sow Thistle
Sow thistle

Thistle Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle
One small bucket of thistle (flowers, leaves and young stems)
Two ripe mangoes (peeled, seed removed)
One ripe apple
3 - 4 cups water

Blend well. There is a saying: if you try something for the first time, make a wish and it will come true. Make a wish and enjoy!

Jawcerciser Patented

Dear Friends,
Last week I have finally received a large yellow envelope with the U.S. patent for my jawcercisers inside. Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle I am very happy that my invention has now been officially recognized because I believe that this is a miraculous device that has strong potential to improve dental health naturally, especially for children.

Now that I have a patent, I would like to sell the rights to this invention to a professional company, as I am not a dentist and don't have the capacity to market and distribute it properly. I have received several offers from large corporations, but I would prefer to see my jawcercisers go to a holistic dental company that is interested in preventive medicine as well as in natural medicine approach.

I was very happy to notice that often the same people have been purchasing jaw exercisers on an ongoing basis, including several naturopathic doctors, a choir director from New York, and a speech-language therapist from Los Angeles. The jaw exerciser improves one's jawbone density when it's used on a regular basis.

As always we would greatly appreciate anyone's honest and constructive feedback about your experience with jawcercisers. To send us your comments, please Click Here

One common question we receive from customers is, what is the difference between white (resin) and tan (silicon) jawcercisers, and why are they different in price? The silicon jaw exercisers are made for those who have an allergy to resin. Unfortunately, they don't last as long. The resin (white) exercisers last several times longer and that's why we have discounted the silicon jawcercisers.

To celebrate our patent, we offer a special deal on jaw exercisers for the rest of this month.
Natural resin (white) jaw exerciser - $15.01
Natural silicone (tan) jaw exerciser - $10.01
To order, please Click Here.

Dr. Lodi's Cancer Conference

I deeply respect and appreciate my dear friend Dr. Lodi. Last year when Valya and I went to interview him, we witnessed his knowledge, integrity, and softness with his patience. Please find Valya's 3-minute video with Dr. Lodi here:

"Raw Vegan Radio" host, Steve Prussak, is now introducing the Healing Cancer Naturally from Home program with Dr. Tom Lodi, in which Dr. Lodi answers many audience questions – live! You may listen to a replay of yesterday's conference at this link:

Sincerely, Raw Family
Green Smoothie
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Green Smoothie
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