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Greens May Heal Heart Disease, the Study Says
Fun Interview with Sergei at Whole Foods Market

Greens May Heal Heart Disease, the Study Says

Eat your greens Dear Friends,
Scientists have just discovered another great reason to consume fruits, vegetables, and especially greens.

Apparently, a gas called Nitric oxide widens our blood vessels, permits smooth blood flow, inhibits development of blockages, and destroys inflammation.

There is also a special enzyme called XOR that our body can produce in abundance. For a long time, scientists could not figure out the role of this enzyme. About a year ago, researchers at Stanford University concluded a study in which they discovered that the enzyme XOR produces nitric oxide from dietary nitrite, which comes from fruits, vegetables, and particularly from greens! A lack of dietary nitrite contributes to atherosclerosis, vascular inflammation, hypertension, and chronic narrowing of blood vessels.

Here is the quote from the research article I like most:
"Supporters of this hypothesis may be served best by generous helpings of leafy green vegetables."

You may read the original article here:

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Fun Interview with Sergei at Whole Foods Market

By Dark Rye

Sergei Boutenko is many things: backyard Yul Gibbons, Russian defector, gourmand of dandelion and wild carrot, author, storyteller and miracle. The thing is, I can't decide which was more hair raising—his escape from the Russian mafia, or his recovery from the ravages of American fast food addiction. Sergei is living proof that the stuff growing in the back yard will not only provide a delicious smoothie, it'll save your life. Read full story and watch the video here:


Sincerely, Raw Family

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