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Making Creamy Green Smoothies – How to Avoid Froth
Update on Trip to Lithuania and Dr. Ann’s Unique Photo
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Making Creamy Green Smoothies – How to Avoid Froth

Creamie Green Smoothie "Why is my green smoothie frothy?" I receive this question daily. There are two main reasons for having froth on top of your smoothie. The first and most common reason is that you are using only fruits that contain insoluble fiber, such as, apples, pineapples, grapes, and citruses. In order to make a smoothie creamy, you need to add some fruits containing soluble fiber, such as bananas, mangos, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pears, melons and more. Soluble fiber resembles jell, so look for the fruits that have jell-like texture. If you don’t like to add sweet fruit to your smoothie, you can simply add a slice of avocado which also makes a smoothie creamy.

The second common reason for having a frothy smoothie is a weak blender. In this case, adding a cube of ice could help reduce froth.

There is nothing wrong with drinking a green smoothie with froth. Froth only affects the texture and appearance of the smoothie, not its nutritive value. When I travel, I use a small blender and sometimes my smoothie comes out frothy. I simply wait five minutes or shake it well in a jar with a lid, and the froth dies down. I prefer to drink a smoothie with froth than no smoothie at all!

Update on Trip to Lithuania and Dr. Ann’s Unique Photo

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding to you a letter from the founders of Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund. I am very excited about this upcoming event. Also, check out Dr. Ann’s photograph at the end of the letter.


Join us in celebrating the legacy of a Living Food Legend,
Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Everyone is invited to the first ever...

The Ann Wigmore Memorial Commemoration and Festival of Life

Dr. Ann Wigmore Retreat

September 19 - 23, 2012

The organizing committee has established the Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund to help defray the costs of the memorial event in Lithuania as well as to fund living foods educational scholarships and events.

Dr. Ann PortraitIf Dr. Ann Wigmore has influenced your life in any way, please make a contribution to our IRS tax deductible fund. Donations by check, credit card or PayPal are being accepted, click here for details. All information on the fund, the memorial events and travel arrangements is available at or from

Those who wish to add a stone to the base of the Ann Wigmore Monument, may submit a personal note or message for a small fee of 100 dollars that will be engraved into the brick. All donations of $100 for the placement of a Path of Life Brick must be in by 15 August 2012. For donations after that date, the placement of a brick at the memorial will take place after the 23 September 2012 event. This is per architect's and sculptors direction.

We have a progress payment due on 15 August 2012 of $14,000 and adequate funding is not available at this time. Critical funding is required to continue construction at the site. WE ASK EVERYONE TO HELP WITH THE ANN WIGMORE FUNDING EFFORT SO WE CAN MEET OUR OBLIGATIONS. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE PER IRS ID 45-5164117. DONATIONS INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE WWW.AWMEF.ORG. All donations will be recognized formally in the official Ann Wigmore Conference Program book to be published in Lithuania.

All donations are tax deductible with IRS ID 45-516-4117. Donations can be made via paypal, credit card or check. Please go to the user friendly donate page and make your donation today!

All Donations greatly appreciated, no amount is too small! Thank you!

Schedule of Events in Lithuania

There are many events planned for September 19 - 23 including:  

  • Press Conference for Alternative Health and Ann Wigmore Related Institute's Executive Staff at the Lithuanian Parliament, Vilnius Lithuania
  • A Forum / Symposium for Lithuanian, US and International Alternative Health and Ann Wigmore Related Institute Directors recounting the life and history of Ann Wigmore and the Living Foods Lifestyle at the Historic Old Town City Hall, Vilnius Lithuania
  • Public Seminar/Lecture subjects on "Life Force and Longevity" and "Science of Living Food and Universal Healing" by Brian Clement, PhD; "Holistic Therapeutic Enzymes", and "Cancer and Therapeutic Enzymes" by Viktoras Kulvinskas, MS; "Miracle of Wild Edibles" by Victoria Boutenko; "Diet, Detox and You" and "Reversing Lifes Damage through Detoxification" by Karyn Calabrese ; "Living Foods Today" with DVD "Grow Your Own Greens" by Loreta Vainius, MS, Living Foods Lifestyle Practitioner, Educator, USA at Forum Palace, Vilnius Lithuania 
  • Conference at Klaipeda University Medical School. Presentations by Karyn Calabrese, Dr. Brian Clement, Viktoras Kulvinskas, and others to be announced. Coordinator: Dr. Algimantas Kirkutis, Cardiologist, Dean of Klaipeda University Medical School.
  • The Pre-Memorial Commemoration gathering of Ann Wigmore Living Food Lifestyle and Alternative Health advocates in the Kruopiai Village Park.

For the full current schedule and other information, check the Event website.
Come Join Us

For further information, contact

Petras Vainius of Loretas Living Foods
Coordinator, USA
Skype: petras.vainius1 

Paulius Jarusevicius
Coordinator, Lithuania
Skype: paulius.jarusevicius 

Sincerely, Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund


Offer to All Jaw Exerciser Users

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