From Victoria about Doctor Ann.

Dear Friends, I would like to explain in my own words why I have been sending you emails about the Memorial for Ann Wigmore in Lithuania and I will try to be short.

Dr. Ann has touched my life and I am sure that directly or indirectly she influenced most people on my newsletter list. She was a historic figure and one of the few most significant contributors to the raw food lifestyle. Dr. Ann has left detailed accounts of the greatest value about the most fundamental issues concerning the raw and living foods. She was the researcher of the wheatgrass juice, inventor of rejuvelac, energy soup, nut and seed milks, first dehydrated crackers, growing sprouts in trays and bags, and many more ingenious ideas. I cannot even imagine what the raw food movement on this planet would be without Ann Wigmore.

Dr. Ann was so passionate about helping people who were suffering from diseases that she did not think about the destiny of all her manuscripts and other research papers.

Then she tragically died in the fire. Her books, tapes, and other treasures she created during her life stopped being widely published. Many of them quickly became forgotten or lost. As a researcher of natural lifestyle I attempted to read as many of Ann Wigmore's books and manuscripts as possible. I was saddened when I would find some of her valuable tapes and papers stockpiled in some storage places collecting dust and quickly deteriorating. Some of Dr. Ann's work is already lost forever.

That is why I was so delighted to hear about the initiative coming from people in Dr. Ann's home country to retrieve and protect her heritage and to make Dr. Ann's teachings available to all people. That was Ann Wigmore's dream, to spread the message of natural health worldwide.

Here at Raw Family, we give our strong support to this initiative. We decided to donate all money that we will collect from selling five of our children books during the next two weeks starting today to the Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund. We find it symbolical: children will read books about natural health and Dr. Ann's work will be taken care of.

You may look at the books here. You may buy just one book or several, we will donate all the money from selling children's books.

Or you may donate directly to the Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund here:

Sincerely, Raw Family

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