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Our Favorite Review of Jaw Exerciser
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Valya's Cartoon

Dog Jaw Exercise

Sergei lost his jaw exerciser, we looked for it everywhere, but then we noticed how much better Bella's teeth looked…

Our Favorite Review of Jaw Exerciser

Dear Victoria,
I was at your lecture in Moscow, where you mentioned your Jawcerciser and how it might help children with DTE (delayed tooth eruption). It means that baby teeth don't fall out and permanent teeth don't grow. This condition has become widespread among modern children. There are even twenty-year-olds among us who still have their baby teeth. The only two treatments offered by official dentistry are: observation and implants / transplants. My younger son has this problem. He also has the condition where his baby teeth don't fall out on their own and the permanent teeth grow as a second row behind the baby teeth. When I first saw this in his mouth I even screamed. It was like a picture from a horror movie to me.

After your lecture I immediately ordered the Jawcerciser from your site. By that time, we had already had one baby tooth extracted. The dentist explained to me that these baby teeth had long roots and were not going to fall out. By the time we received the Jawcerciser, we had an appointment scheduled in 3 days time for the second tooth removal. My son dreaded this second surgery and asked me if there was any chance to avoid it. I gave him the Jaw Exerciser, but honestly I didn't believe that it would help in three days. I wish we'd had at least two weeks. However, my son started chewing on the Jawcerciser several times a day, but the baby tooth still held strong. The day came when we were scheduled for surgery. I woke up my son and he went to brush his teeth. He came back from the bathroom with a happy smile. In his hand he was holding his baby tooth that fell out on its own. We escaped surgery! I recommend the Jawcerciser to all young children. Thank you Victoria for the quality product.
~Olga and Andrei

Victoria's Comments

Dear Friends,
Since our last newsletter we received little less than a hundred comments from jawcerciser users around the globe. Approximately 98 percent of the feedback was strongly positive and there was a little bit of a constructive criticism. We sincerely appreciate all opinions and always welcome your comments.

I am thrilled that my invention improves the dental health of so many people. If you are interested in reading more of the comments I can publish them in one of the next newsletters.

Unfortunately, I have received a notification from our manufacturer about raising the price for the natural resin the jawcerciser is made out of. This means that sometime this fall we will have to raise the price for the jaw exerciser. We will soon discontinue selling (tan colored) silicone units because they are not as durable and split within weeks of use. The resin (white colored) jaw exercisers last a lot longer, often up to two years. The white ones are the only kind we will carry in the near future.

It seems that our jaw exerciser works especially well for those people who have their natural teeth. The jaw exerciser produces a strong pressure on teeth and I recommend to those who have dentures, bridges, and crowns to consult their dentist before using the jawcerciser. If your dentist warns you not to bite apples any more, it means you can use jawcerciser only with extreme caution. For children, young people and all those who have predominantly their natural teeth, the jawcerciser does miracles. It is so simple and effective that I believe that our jaw exerciser is the third breakthrough in dentistry, after toothbrush and floss. I envision the time when everyone will have their jaw exerciser next to their toothbrush. 

Love, Victoria

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Sincerely, Raw Family

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