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The Healing Cancer World Summit-2012
What Our Jawcercisers are Made out of

The Healing Cancer World Summit-2012

Dear Friends,

My friend Kevin Gianni has put together a new program “The Healing Cancer World Summit-2012”. It begins this Wednesday October 31.

Last year I received many emails after Cancer Summit-2011. I learned from your emails that that summit helped many people and literally saved lives.

This event is free!

In this 5-day online event with replays, you will:
  • Discover the natural cancer treatments that really work
  • As well as the ones that don't!
  • Learn how to prevent cancer
  • Receive tools to deal with the stress and fear of cancer
  • Hear dozens of stories of people who healed themselves without drugs or surgery
  • Discover from their doctors exactly what they did to be cancer-free naturally!
To register click here

There will be a drawing and you may win a Vitamix Blender or a Greenstar twin-gear Juicer

What Our Jawcercisers are Made out of

Often our customers ask us to explain what material our jaw exercisers are made out of. We are proud to let you know that they are made out of natural rubber. Natural rubber, also called India Rubber, is a mixture of organic polyisoprene as well as water. This material is classified as an elastomer (an elastic polymer). It is derived from latex, a milky colloid produced by rubber trees.

Rubber Tree Milk
A small incision made into the bark of the tree and the sticky, milk colored latex sap collected every morning and refined into a usable rubber.

Here is a photo of a rubber tree farm I took while visiting Thailand. The farmers shared that they collect a full bucket of rubber milk at 4AM every morning.

The latex for our Jaw Exercisers comes from rubber trees in Vietnam.

Forest of rubber trees

You may order Jaw Exercisers here.

Sincerely, Raw Family
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