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Dear Friends,

I felt so inspired to share these surprises with all of you that I couldn’t wait until July.

• Igor’s crackers are in full bloom in the office garden!

• My friend Ron has new Vitamixes for $310

• Live teleconference with Victoria on Monday, June 16th

• New ‘Joy for Life’ retreat information

• Better prices for the economic crunch

Flax Seed Flowers

Igor’s crackers are in full bloom in the office garden!

Last fall, I was cleaning a dehydrator and I happened to throw some of Igor’s Live Flax Bread crumbs in the office garden. None of our staff planted this small patch of beautiful blue flowers. With the help of local farmers, these flowers were identified as flax! They grew exactly from the place where I dumped the crumbs. Live bread it is!

Suddenly I remembered the sky blue fields of flax from my Russian childhood, only we called it ‘linen.’ I will keep you posted as to how many bushels I harvest.

My friend Ron has new Vitamixes for $310

This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase this high-speed blender at an unheard of price.

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 (2 horsepower) with a new toxin-free container available at a special discounted price of $310 with free shipping! Stock is limited. To order please contact Ron Strauss at 707-928-4170 or email: to order.

I have passed this information on to the local Waldorf School and they are already loving their new Vitamix.


Live teleconference with Victoria on Monday, June 16th

Let’s talk! I receive hundreds of e-mails every day. Not only can I not possibly answer them all, our computer (with two hard drives) cannot handle them. My staff is compelled to delete many without even opening them.

What’s the solution? I will answer your most frequently asked questions in a live 90-minute teleconference. You will be able to send your questions as soon as you sign up for the teleconference.

Examples of questions that I will be answering:

When I make green smoothies, is it okay to mix fruits and vegetables?

What about oxalic acid in spinach?

Can diabetics drink green smoothies?

On Monday night, we invite you to gather your friends and family around the computer. There are two options: listen on the phone (long distance charges apply) or gather around the computer and communicate by e-mail (no long distance charges apply).

You may listen to the teleconference live, or access the recording at your convenience for 30 days, through July 16th.

For every teleconference order, we will send a free copy of the book Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening autographed by Victoria.

The price of the teleconference is $10.00.

To sign up for the teleconference

click here to sign up

New ‘Joy for Life’ retreat information

July 14-20, 2008

I am pleased to pass on the latest updates:

• I have made arrangements with a local organic farmer, who will deliver freshly-picked greens on a daily basis. All the better for our health and enjoyment!

• We will be screening the latest Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie films in the evenings.

• Every morning Vrnda Leier Heyden, with 30+ years experience, will lead us in invigorating Ashtanga yoga asanas.

Click for more details and to register.

Better prices for the economic crunch

Considering today’s economic challenges and the high costs of shipping, we have restructured all of our product prices. We hope that your pocketbook will benefit.

• All orders exceeding $50, receive a 20% discount.

• Orders over $100 receive a 30% discount.

• Orders over $300 receive a 40% discount.

Let us spread the good news.

In Health, Victoria

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